Still Tho

past exhibition

Still Tho

Aesthetic Survival in Hip-Hop’s Visual Art

Group exhibition

Curated by Mark Campbell of Northside Hip Hop Archive

June 15th 2023 – September 23rd 2023 | 11:00 am – 5:45 pm Canada Gallery, Canada House, SW1Y 5BJ, London

Aesthetic Survival in Hip-Hop’s Visual Art

Still Tho is an ode to the visual artists in Canada who shaped hip-hop culture and its aesthetics. Through their art, they have placed justice front and centre to inspire social change at home and around the world. The phrase “Still Tho” in the exhibition’s title refers to a common expression that speaks to acts of artists’ perseverance, overcoming numerous barriers to make art and build community. In this 50th year of hip-hop culture, we salute the graffiti artists in this group show for their continued dedication to the artform and for keeping their styles fresh from time.


While some aspects of hip-hop’s early years in the late-1970s and early-1980s have been well archived, visual works from that period were mostly temporary. Artists often overwrote one another’s graffiti, while the natural elements destroyed outdoor murals. The mixed-media works in this exhibition explore how hip-hop’s visual artists have woven together historical, nostalgic, and archival elements to leave a physical legacy. Moreover, the exhibition highlights the lasting impact of hip-hop’s visual art on both Canadian culture and visual aesthetics in our digital age.


Featuring the following artists:

Corey Bulpitt




Elicser Elliot

Kalkidan Assefa

Mark Valino

Mark Stoddart

Nelson Dedos Garcia



Wizwon (Jayde Goodon)

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