Hang In There, Baby! and Why This Chair Does Not Exist


Hang In There, Baby! and Why This Chair Does Not Exist

Messums 4X20 Choreographer Platform, Messums Museum, Wiltshire


From: July 18th 2023
to: July 18th 2023

In Why This Chair Does Not Exist, A Buster Keaton-esque, tragically comedic character exists in
a world one surreal step removed from our own. Inspired by the works of surrealist painter René
Magritte, choreographer John-William Watson laces a simple proposition, a person and a chair,
with existential ideas of consciousness.

Hang in There, Baby! explores our relationship with destiny, fate and decision making from the
depths of a new year’s office party.

Both pieces with an original score by Canadian-born, Antwerp-based sound-artist and composer Adam Vincent Clarke and original scripts written by Watson, these works of dance-theatre mark their first collaborations with both original music and playwriting.

Presented alongside two other works by choreographer Chandenie Gobardhan.

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