Glasgow Film Festival

From: March 3rd 2024
to: March 4th 2024

An intimate character study set against Montreal’s vibrant drag scene as Simon, whose drag alter-ego is a hit, finds himself questioning his relationship with a fellow drag star after his mum arrives back in his life.

Simon (Théodore Pelleri) has a successful day job as a make-up artist, while his drag queen alter-ego Glory Gore is on the rise in Montreal’s vibrant Queer scene. When he embarks on an intense relationship with fellow drag star Olivier (Félix Maritaud), it seems to be the passion that he’s looking for. However, things begin to change when his estranged mum Clare (Anne-Marie Cadieux) – a famous opera singer – unexpectedly shows up. Simon’s relationship with his mum calls him to question the nature of his bond with Olivier. Featuring fabulous drag performances on stage, Sophie Dupuis also paints an intimate character study off it.

French with English subtitles.

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